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Condition : Used
Warranty : Yes
Fuel Type : Petrol
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In Malaysia, we specialise in used gearbox repair. Used Gearbox Repair prices vary based on the vehicle model In Recondition, Gearbox Overhaul Specialist, Repair Install Overhauls And Servicing Auto Transmission. The firm refurbishes, repairs, overhauls, and services automatic transmissions (car gearboxes), torque converters, and valve bodies. Local, Continental, Korean, and Japan model vehicles are available. Repair and reconditioning of gearboxes for BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Chevrolet, Subaru, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Perodua, Proton, and other brands. All of our reconditioned gearboxes come with a six-month warranty to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product.

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In Malaysia, we specialise in used gearbox repair. The primary goal is to manufacture and distribute reconditioned vehicle gear boxes to other workshops. gearbox repairing near me All of our employees are experts to Repair Install Overhauls  and our managing director has been in the sector for over 15 years. With a wealth of expertise

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for used Gearbox Repair

Prices for reconditioned gearboxes vary depending on the vehicle model, but it’s always worth checking around for the best deal. If you have this problem, a used gearbox repair will not be too expensive. industrial gearbox repair Repeat three times more, or until you no longer need to add liquids. A gearbox problem is usually the most severe when it comes to diagnosing different vehicle problems, but it’s a problem that no car owner wants to have. It’s really useful to be able to diagnose a car problem based on the noises it produces.

Cost To Repair Gear Box

how much the cost to repair a faulty gearbox roughly. Start price for a gear box, rm780 for proton saga until the expensive one, Rm3200 for Toyota gearbox. Gearbox Overhaul According to the ads picture, the gearbox workshop will give warranty to the repaired transmission gear box. This will give you some idea of how much the cost to repair faulty gear box. – Gearbox rosak. Used Gearbox Repair.

Proton Waja Rm1400.
Produa Myvi Rm1150
Hyundai matrix Rm1200
Toyota unser Rm1500
Nissan Almera Rm1800
Kia Spectra Rm1400
Perodua kembara Rm1400
Toyota Avanza Rm1600
Proton Perdana V6 Rm1350
Proton Wira, Saga, isoara Rm850
Proton Wira 1.6, Rm1150
Proton wira 1.8 Rm1450
Proton exora Rm2500
Innova Rm2800
gearbox proton: (harga borong/wholesaler)
Beli sahaja 2,500(3 bulan)
Siap pasang 3,100 (6 bulan)
Good condition 6month warranty Trade in price,
Gear box specialist and trading.

How to Choose used Gear Box Repair Overhauls Specialist

It makes you wish you’d gotten rid of the car a long time ago. A used gearbox repair also got power as new The car should be able to operate without power steering, although turning will be difficult. If at all feasible, you should drive the vehicle, making sure to obtain all of the gears, industrial gearbox repair near meOverhauls Specialist and then double-check the level. If your automobile just will not shift into a specific gear, it is worth checking the level of your fluid because this is a common problem that may be fixed by filling off the liquid. The vehicle will deliver complete luxury and make you feel like opulence. Keeping in mind the safety of oneself and any family members who may be riding in the car,

  • Supply and Install Wide
  • Range of Auto Gearbox
  • Factory. Mainly Supply
  • New/Recond/Overhaul/
  • Repair Gearbox. Over 10
  • years Experiences in
  • Transmission Industry.

Gearbox Service Install Overhauls

The great majority of people neglect transmission fluids. Worse, the great majority only discuss the significance of flushing a planned transmission. Gearbox Overhaul If you have a car with a manual transmission, don’t overlook the gearbox. Metal shavings, as well as oozing, can be found in old oil. Used Gearbox Repair Similarly to motor oil, an oil change is inadequate protection. This tutorial will show you how simple this method is.

Gather the equipment and resources you’ll need for this project.

You will need:

– Jack and axle stands or tyre inclines to lift your vehicle. Preve gearbox repair

– Wrenches and ratcheting set (contingent upon your vehicle.)

– force

– Some kind of oil depleted can

– Pump for fluid

– clothing

— WD-40 or an equivalent

Yes Can

Depend on Vehicles Model

RM900 to RM3200

There are key gearbox failure symptoms to keep an eye out for – Here’s signs of how to tell if a gearbox is damaged.
  1. Fluid leakage. …
  2. Check Engine Light. …
  3. Poor response from your car gearbox. …
  4. Unusual sounds. …
  5. Shaking, jerking or grinding. …
  6. Burning smell. …
  7. Refusal to shift gear. …
  8. Quaking when in neutral.

The new gear box better or recondition gear box better?

In many cases, reconditioning a gearbox instead of buying a new one is a more economical route to take for most industrial companies.

1) A reconditioned gear box is 30-60% less expensive than a new gear box. 
2) The outlook is nearly identical.
3) Warranty: Both are nearly identical, Gearbox Overhaul however reconditioned gear boxes may have a longer warranty because some new gear boxes do not give warranty, only fix and go.
4) Durability: A new gear box will not last indefinitely! Instead, certain reconditioned gear boxes that have been modified might be more robust, smooth, and powerful.

Will we get a wrong quote due to technician wrong judgment?

Our fantastic technical staff all have extensive expertise. Our Operations Manager has over 15 years of experience in the automotive repair sector and over 10 years of expertise in the auto transmission industry. Even our other technicians have more than 5 years of experience with us. Furthermore, we have an advanced diagnostic scanner to help us make more accurate decisions.

How is the warranty claim?

Your gear box code and warranty duration were mentioned in our bill. We cover your gear box expenditures during the warranty term, so you won’t have to pay anything more.

Is there any hidden charges for after sales service?

Some workshops may charge a labour fee to remove/reinstall a gear box during a warranty claim because most warranties only cover the gear box and not the labour. However, it is important to note that we will not charge labour costs if our gear box fails during the guarantee term.

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